The expertise of Voluptina

About us

Voluptina House, nestled in the heart of Lyon, creates comfortable and timeless lingerie pieces. For a decade, our house has been combining craftsmanship and innovation.

Stylists and designers work tirelessly to develop contemporary creations that meet Voluptina’s high standards of fit and comfort.

Our collection combines the timeless elegance of French design with the latest innovations in lingerie technology. We have meticulously crafted each piece to provide unparalleled comfort, support, and style for all sizes, celebrating the diversity of women’s bodies.


Expertise in sizing: We understand that every woman is unique, and we cater to a wide range of sizes, from 70B to 105J and beyond. Our dedicated team of designers and fit experts has honed their skills to create lingerie that flatters and fits perfectly, ensuring maximum support and comfort.

We are committed to providing the highest quality lingerie that lasts. Our products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure their durability and shape retention, allowing you to enjoy your Voluptina pieces for years to come.

Join us in celebrating your unique beauty and embrace Voluptina lingerie made exclusively for you.

Original underwear by Voluptina

Our Philosophy

A philosophy that is expressed through certified materials, tailored cuts to embrace and enhance the female curves.

A rare demand for quality, absolute rigor, and a keen attention to detail are present in every step, from creation to manufacturing.

This comfortable lingerie, with impeccable style and fit, accompanies women in their daily lives to make them feel confident in their bodies.

Embracing one’s curves, building self-confidence, having faith in oneself to move forward and surpass oneself: that is the mission of Voluptina.

Original underwear by Voluptina